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Registered in England No : 07544706
Registered Office : The Old Stores, 11 North Street, Tillingham, Essex, CM0 7TR

Members of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants


Sole Trader/ Partnership Year End Accounts

We prepare your accounts from the records and explanations supplied to us by you. These accounts can be used to complete your tax return and used by you to see your exact financial performance during the year/period.

Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnership Accounts

We prepare the accounts from your records and explanations. Unlike sole trader and partnership accounts these accounts will need to be filed with Companies House and are available in the public domain. 
We can produce the accounts and then file the accounts online with Companies House on your behalf.
Please be aware there are filing deadlines for these accounts and penalties will become liable if they are not filed in time. If you would like to discuss this further please contact us.

Management Accounts

A lot of businesses want up to date accounts every single week/month/quarter. This allows management to see how well or badly the business is doing and hence make the appropriate changes if necessary.

We offer the production of management accounts, if during the production we find any concerns we will raise and discuss these with you. This service should give you complete peace of mind that you can keep a watchful eye on your business and the appropriate timely action can be taken.  

Management accounts are key to any growing business as even if used in the most basic form they will highlight where a business is over/under spending and if used correctly should allow your business to grow and be a great future budgeting tool.


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